Giving Back to the Community

There is a huge focus on ‘Giving Back to the Community’ with the growth of Corporate Enterprises in India. Sundara Bharata is a Community to provide information of Needy Places to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Organisations of various Companies.

The Intent in building a Portal is to capture information of All Schools (Government as well as some Aided ones) with their contact info, and allow the site to be updated by the School HM/ Staff.

The portal could be accessed by anyone who is willing to help, and they would be provided ‘filter’ for the Locations/ kinds of Services they would be interested in.

The requirements could be looked at, at a high level, under three dimensions:

  1. Basic/ Essential Facilities – Infrastructure, Teaching Equipment etc (A)
  2. Secondary Needs – Books, Stationary, Water etc (B)
  3. Additional Needs – Audio- Visual Equipment, Teaching Aids etc (C)

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